Wildcats To Host Games At Kiwanis Stadium

by UFL Staff

ATLANTA, GA-- The Atlanta Wildcats football team has announced the Kiwanis Stadium as their new home stadium. The Kiwanis Stadium is located in the heart of downtown Forest Park, Georgia. The historic facility will serve as the Wildcat's home for the 2023 season.

The decision to move to Kiwanis Stadium was based on several factors, including the stadium's central location, ample seating capacity, tailgating options, and long-term potential. With a seating capacity of 3,000, the stadium offers plenty of room for the team's loyal fan base to come out and show their support.

In addition to the seating capacity, Kiwanis Stadium boasts a historic background serving as the home stadium of Forest Park high schools for decades. 

The Atlanta Wildcats are new to the Atlanta sports scene, and the move to Kiwanis Stadium marks a new chapter for the team. The new stadium will give the Wildcats a home-field advantage and create a more intimate and engaging atmosphere for fans.

The announcement of the new home stadium has generated a lot of buzz in Atlanta, and fans eagerly anticipate the season's start. The Wildcats have a strong following in the city. The move to Kiwanis Stadium will undoubtedly draw even more fans to the team, as Starr Park has long been a summer destination for Clayton County residents. 

The Wildcats organization has worked tirelessly to make the transition to Kiwanis Stadium as smooth as possible. They have taken steps to ensure that fans have all the information they need about the new stadium, including directions, parking information, and stadium policies.

For more information on Atlanta Wildcats Football, visit their website at www.atlantawildcats.net.