Way-Too-Early Top FCS QBs

by UFL Staff

Florida A&M quarterback Rasean McKay

ATLANTA, GA-- In scouting, the rule of thumb is to be bigger, faster, and stronger at every position. These traits become ever more apparent with the evaluation of FCS quarterback prospects concerning their pro football potential. Our FCS top-rated senior pro QB prospect is Rasean McKay of Florida A&M, although he did not post the best completion percentage or even have the most passing touchdowns in his conference. However, McKay displays elite arm talent and mobility that is highly coveted. At 6'1" and 220 pounds, the Miami, Florida native will get an NFL opportunity if he can put together another solid season for the Rattlers. 

McKay is followed closely behind FCS champion Eric Schmid of Sam Houston State. Schmid was the Southland Conference Player of the Year during Sam Houston State's national championship season in 2021. The 6'1" 180-pound Schmid makes up for his lack of size with a fabulous pocket presence and excellent mobility. His slight frame may detract some NFL teams, but Schmid is sure to be highly coveted by spring football leagues. 

Here are the top FCS senior quarterback prospects. 

1. Rasean McKay, Florida A&M, Sr.6'1" 220lb. - COMP 57.9%, 2,497 YDS, 22 TD, 5 INT
2. Eric Schmid, Sam Houston St. Sr.6'1" 180lb. - COMP 58.6%, 2,811 YDS, 29 TD, 10 INT, 6 R. TD
3. Breylin Smith, C. Arkansas, Sr.6'3" 210lb. - COMP 64.5%, 2,884 YDS, 26 TD, 10 INT
4. Jake Dunniway, Sac St., Sr.6'1" 210lb. - COMP 63.2%, 2,576, 12 TD, 5 INT
5. Lindsey Scott Jr., UIW, Sr.5'11" 220lb. - COMP 62.1%, 2,073 YDS, 16 TD, 11 INT, 9 R. TD
6. Kasim Hill, Rhode Island, Sr.6'2" 235lb. - COMP 53.2%, 2,170 YDS, 18 TD, 6 INT, 6 R. TD
7. Glendon McDaniel, Southern, Sr.6'2" 200lb. - COMP 62.7%, 1,378 YDS, 10 TD, 3 INT

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