UFL Sets Player Tryout Schedule

by UFL Writer Tim Bernard

ATLANTA, GA-- Finding talented players is valid in the success of any professional sports league as the talent level of the players and loyalty of team fans are the lifeblood of a successful league. As the third incarnation of the United Football League (UFL) prepares for a 2022 kickoff, teams will begin their player evaluation process this fall with the hope of finding solid enough talent to add to their rosters. UFL teams will sign a combined 400 players before starting training camps set for mid-March, so free-agent players will have plenty of opportunities to impress during the evaluation circuit. In addition, team evaluation camps (free-agent player tryouts) for each UFL will be held in each team market. 

Team evaluation camps will be the UFL's first publicly held events since the UFL's acquisition of the now-defunct National Gridiron League (NGL). In the first effort of good faith, the UFL will host a free evaluation camp at the end of the player evaluation cycle set for March 5th in Atlanta, Georgia. The camp will only be available to the first 150 players to register. In addition, UFL teams will provide player travel compensation to team training camps set for March 11th.

Since the acquisition of NGL teams by the UFL, the league has worked to decrease the previously set number of per team tryouts from 2 down to 1 to serve players in attendance better. In addition, the league has set a unified league tryout to be held the morning of Saturday, February 5th, in Mobile, Alabama, during Senior Bowl weekend to assist player advancement to the NFL.

To register: 

Saturday, November 13thSaturday, November 6th
Saturday, January 15th Saturday, January 8th
Saturday, November 20th Saturday, January 22nd
Saturday, February 12thSaturday, January 29th
Saturday, February 5th 
Saturday, December 11th
Saturday, December 4thSaturday, February 19th
Saturday, February 26th

Who: Recent college football graduates, semi-pro football players, players age 18 years or older, and professional indoor/arena football players. 


Athletes check-in upon arrival at the event.


Each athlete will be encouraged to get outfitted in their best athletic performance gear. SHOULDER PADS & HELMETS ARE NOT REQUIRED!!! PADS WILL NOT BE IN USE!!!


Official height and weight measured and recorded.


After a proper, supervised "dynamic warm-up," participants will have the option to test in the 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle, vertical jump and kneeling power ball toss. Staff will then work participants through specific drills to improve athletic ability, speed, and explosiveness. Here, athletes have the opportunity to tap into the secrets of proper workouts that have helped players make it to the NFL, including cone and ladder drills. This period educates participants on how to improve football-specific speed, agility, and quickness movements and how to train specifically for the needs and requirements of their positions.


Participants are separated into position groups (QBs, RBs, WRs, OLs, DLs, LBs, and DBs) to work individually on football skills and techniques with college and NFL experience league position coaches.


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