UFL Preseason Power Rankings

by UFL Staff

ATLANTA, GA -- There is a wide variety of early United Football League (UFL) preseason power rankings for the 2023 season. This is because UFL teams are only forced to release player roster information at the start of team training camps scheduled for later this month. Several teams still need to release their entire coaching staff information, but there is one thing we can count on for this spring. The cream will rise to the top as it always does, and we will make our early ranks with the available information. 

Several rosters will significantly change over the league's first three weeks as an influx of players cut from other spring leagues joins UFL teams. So, preseason power rankings will differ from the end-of-season results. 

  1. Mississippi Mudcats
  2. Oklahoma City Wranglers
  3. Chicago Blue Bombers
  4. Richmond Iron Horses
  5. Atlanta Wildcats
  6. Charleston Pirates
  7. Kansas City Kapitals
  8. Arkansas Twisters
  9. Houston Bighorns
  10. Baton Rouge Redsticks
  11. Virginia Beach Destroyers
  12. St. Louis Stampede
  13. Pittsburgh Pioneers
  14. Rochester Firehawks

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