UFL Launches New Player Development Program

by UFL Staff

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- The United Football League (UFL) and its member teams have launched a new and innovative professional player development program called UFL Non-Exemption, which is designed for unsigned free agent players to join UFL ball clubs without needing a player tryout. 

The league is hopeful the program will allow high school and underdeveloped players time to practice and train with UFL teams throughout a UFL season to have these players ready for UFL competition in the coming seasons. So often, street-free agents with talent have only a single opportunity at a two-hour open player tryout to catch a UFL coach's eye. These players oftentimes maybe not be as developed or as well coached as seasoned collegiate football players, but that does not mean these street-free agents are not as talented. With the UFL Non-Exemption Program, these players now have an outlet to work and develop with professional coaches and trainers over several weeks allowing for a real player development opportunity. 

The program will function similarly to college football with scholarship and non-scholarship walk-on players. In addition, each UFL head coach may offer exemptions (this will apply to all previously signed UFL players), allowing a select number of players to join each UFL team without registering as a non-exemption. Yet, all exempt and non-exempt players would compete to be assigned to the weekly active game roster each game week. Although UFL teams are now allowed to add an unlimited number of players to their roster, each team is only allowed a select number of players to be active each game week, similar to college football's weekly travel roster. 

The league is confident the program is beneficial for long-term player development. Many talented former high school football players may not always be offered, or in the position to continue their football playing career at the collegiate level, but with continued professional coaching and training, these players may one day develop into future stars of the league. The program was designed to provide more player opportunities regardless of collegiate or semi-pro training.

Non-exempt players will be subject to UFL Player Registration dues to cover player insurance, equipment, and training costs. All player dues are required before player participation in team activities. 

  • Exempt Player: Actively signed UFL players and/or players offer a UFL contract via team coach. Player Registration Cost: None
  • Non-Exempt Player: Street-Free Agent and/or former high school players seeking an opportunity to join a UFL team. Player Registration Cost: $1,000

With the new program, players have two ways to join a UFL ball club for the upcoming 2023 season. All players are encouraged to submit their high school or collegiate game footage with a player submission form for film evaluation and the opportunity to earn a player exemption, or players may choose to complete a UFL Non-Exemption Registration to choose their UFL team of choice and participate in the incoming season. Non-Exemption players are guaranteed a roster spot for the upcoming season. Only Non-Exempt players that are cited for conduct detrimental to the UFL and its member teams will be removed from participation. 

All previously signed UFL players are not subject to UFL registration requirements. 

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