UFL Issues Pre-Season & In-Season Practice Mandate

by UFL Staff

ATLANTA, GA-- In an effort to provide player safety and a healthy workplace for players before the start of the 2023 season. The United Football League (UFL) has issued practice mandates for all pre-season and in-season practices. The regulations of the mandate were created by the UFL Competition Committee. The practice mandates shall take effect immediately.

The UFL Competition Committee is designed to adopt rules and regulations to improve the overall health of the league in competitive aspects. These competitive aspects the committee is to review include playing rules, roster regulations, in-game technology, game-day operations, and player protection. 

2023 Pre-Season Practice Mandates:

  • Pre-season team camps shall begin on Saturday, February 11th
  • Team pre-season camps may not exceed 15 days from the initial camp date
  • Team pre-season camps shall not exceed 28 total practices
  • There shall not be two consecutive practices in full football gear
  • There shall not be two consecutive days of two-a-day practices in full or half football gear
  • Teams are allowed 3 full contact live scrimmages
  • Teams are allowed 6 days of voluntary on-field practices per offseason
  • No team voluntary on-field practices shall exceed 3 consecutive days
  • All pre-season practices shall be held from 9AM -12PM and/or 4PM to 7PM on each workday

2023 In-Season Practice Mandates:

  • Teams are allowed a maximum of 4 in-football gear practices per in-season week
  • Full football gear shall only be allowed on Monday of each in-season week
  • Half football gear shall only be allowed on Tuesday and/or Wednesday of each in-season week
  • Non-gear practices are allowed on Fridays but should not exceed 40 minutes in duration
  • There shall be no mandatory or voluntary team activities on Sunday of each in-season week
  • All in-season practices shall be held from 9AM to 12PM on each workday

About the United Football League:

America's premier spring football league will kick off its 2023 season with fourteen franchises predominantly based throughout the U.S. southeast and mid-west. The return of the UFL in 2023 with the league's third iteration as the UFL has held eight seasons under the banner. 

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