Top Ten Potential Rivalries of the 2023 Season

by UFL Staff

ATLANTA, GA-- Ready for UFL football? As the summer approaches, the new season is getting closer and closer, so it’s time to look ahead to the biggest games on the docket. There are ten must-watch games with potential rivalry implications within the United Football League in 2023, even before team rosters are set. 

Now some rivalries develop over years of brutal battles between competitors or unique circumstances that make one opponent not very well-liked by another, but we kept the list mainly focused on location. Many of these matchups have a rivalry already built in and history behind them.

But potential playoff implications were also weighed when determining the best games in the UFL for the spring. Because there is no prior history, revenge could not be used as a factor. However, the St. Louis Stampede may soon be the league's most hated team, with three potential rivals in the Louisville Firebirds, Kansas City Kapitals, and Chicago Blue Bombers. Geographical proximity and some prior city versus city beef will make for some must-see contests next spring. 

Here's our take on the top 10 natural rivalry contests of the 2023 season. 

1. Destroyers vs. Iron HorsesThe battle for the commonwealth with take place Week 1.
2. Kapitals vs. StampedeThis in-state battle will be one of the league's best rivalries.
3. Mudcats vs. RedsticksSeparated by only a little over 2 hours, this is an SEC-style border war.
4. Blue Bombers vs. StampedeChicago and St. Louis have been at odds for years in every sport.
5. Firebirds vs. StampedeThe "war on I-64" has a nice ring to it.
6. Pirates vs. DestroyersThe battle on the Atlantic is between the UFL's two coastal cities. 
7. Kapitals vs. WranglersA Midwest showdown with the UFL's most western franchises.
8. Twisters vs. MudcatsAnother SEC border war with locals already having hate for the other.
9. Redsticks vs. TwistersThis is SEC country, so some hatred is already instilled. 
10. Bighorns vs. WildcatsThe battle of the UFL's most player desired locations. 

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