Pirates To Play At Historic John McKissick Field

by UFL Staff

CHARLESTON, SC -- The Charleston Pirates are thrilled to announce that John McKissick Field at Memorial Stadium in Summerville, South Carolina, will serve as the team's new home stadium for the 2023 season. The team has decided to move to the stadium due to its ample seating capacity and easy accessibility.

The Pirates have been searching for a new home stadium for some time, and they believe that John McKissick Field will provide the perfect venue for the team's games. The stadium has a seating capacity of 10,000, making it one of the largest and most historic stadiums in the region. In addition, it boasts newly renovated amenities, including modern locker rooms, ample parking, and cutting-edge scoreboard technology.

"We are excited to announce that John McKissick Field will be the new home of Charleston Pirates Football," said the UFL Senior Executive, Joe McClendon III. "This is a significant step forward for our organization, and we believe that this stadium will help us attract the best talent and create a memorable game-day experience for our fans."

The Pirates will play their first game at John McKissic Field on Saturday,  April 22, against western conference foe, the Chicago Blue Bombers. The team is eager to showcase their skills in front of a home crowd and is confident that the stadium's home crowd atmosphere will give them a competitive edge over their opponents.

"We are looking forward to creating a unique and exciting game-day experience for our fans at John McKissick Field," said Coach Jerrial King. "The stadium's history and accessibility will allow us to attract the best talent and take our game to the next level."

The Pirates' move to John McKissick Field is a significant step forward for the team and the community. The stadium's location in Summerville, South Carolina, is ideal for fans and players alike, with easy accessibility from all areas of Charleston and the surrounding region.

Charleston Pirates Football is committed to providing its fans a top-notch game-day experience. The team will be partnering with local vendors and businesses to provide a range of exciting game-day experiences, including tailgating, music, and food and drink options.

Fans can purchase single-game tickets to the Pirates' games at John McKissick Field starting this Thursday. The team's website will provide updated information on ticket sales, game times, and other important details.

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