Kapitals Name Carries Warrior Spirit

by UFL Staff

KANSAS CITY, MO-- Born in Topeka, Kansas, the Kansas City Kapitals carry a name that may not match their geographic location. Two different states have a city named Kansas City, yet neither is a state capital location. Furthermore, neither has ever been a state capital city, so how does the team have the moniker of Kapitals. 

The Kapitals name was born during the planning stages of the Topeka franchise. The Kansas Kapitals were a franchise initially set to compete in the National Gridiron League, but unfortunately, the team never competed in the league. The letter C is, the correct spelling of Capitals, was replaced with the letter K to allow for the letter K to encompass the team's name in its logo fully. Additionally, a bowing arrow taken from the Kansa warrior on the top of the Kansas Statehouse was added to the logo. The bronze statue of the Kansa warrior, Ad Astra, was placed on top of the dome in 2002 and sculpted by Kansas artist Richard Bergen. The Kansa people, for whom the state takes its name, contributed to the history of Kansas. The warrior faces toward the North Star, a symbol of finding one's way, and as an expansion franchise in a new league, the Kapitals were attempting to find their way. 

Relocated to the larger market in Kansas City, leadership within the United Football League (UFL) chose to keep the team's name as it represented an ambitious spirit, creating the Kansas City Kapitals. A team with the ambitious spirit and symbolism of a warrior. 

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