Birmingham Steeldawgs To Join The UFL

by UFL Writer Tim Bernard

ATLANTA, GA--  The United Football League (UFL) is pleased to announce that the Birmingham Steeldawgs will join current league members in joining the UFL for the 2022 campaign.

The Steeldawgs will be located in the United States' fifty-most populous metro area in Birmingham, Alabama. Alabama's largest metro area has hosted the Steeldawgs once before as members of the Arena Football 2 (AF2). During their time in AF2, the Steeldawgs were one of the league's leaders in gameday attendance, with a team record of 14,800. Birmingham has also hosted Alabama's state high school sports championships, making the city accustomed to hosting significant sporting events annually. 

The Steeldawgs did not immediately release further details as the league has asked joining members to withhold additional information at this time. 

The UFL will make team details and league announcements later this fall in an official league press release slated for later this fall.

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